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Best Kitchen Renovation Appliances to Upgrade your kitchen

Kitchen Renovation Appliances

Kitchen renovation appliances are a key factor when remodeling your kitchen in Singapore. You want dependable, efficient appliances that will make your kitchen both functional and stylish for years to come. Updating your major kitchen appliances not only improves performance but can also modernize the look of your kitchen. As you plan for a kitchen renovation or remodel in 2024, you have lots of options when it comes to new kitchen appliances. 

In this article, we’ll guide you through some of the best kitchen renovation appliances to consider. We’ll look at major appliances like refrigerators, ranges, cooktops and wall ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, and more. 

Whether your goal is to gain more functionality in your kitchen, incorporate smart technology, achieve a sleek contemporary style, or all the above – there are ideal kitchen remodel appliances for your goals and budget.

When undertaking a full kitchen makeover, it’s crucial to give special attention to kitchen appliances to enhance the overall experience and functionality.

As you make decisions on updating appliances for your kitchen remodel, this comprehensive guide offers everything you need to know. Let’s explore some of the best and most innovative kitchen appliances to make your remodel a success!

Understanding Different Categories for Kitchen Renovation Appliances 

When renovating your kitchen, upgrading your kitchen appliances can make a huge difference in functionality, convenience, and style. Appliances fall into several major categories that serve different purposes. Understanding these categories can help you determine which upgrades will be most beneficial for your needs and budget. 

Kitchen Cooking appliances

Cooking appliances

One essential category is cooking appliances. These are the workhorses of your kitchen that you rely on to prepare meals day in and day out. Renovating cooking appliances during a kitchen renovation is one of the best ways to make cooking easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

For cooking, some top kitchen appliances to consider upgrading are:

Stovetops and Ranges

An upgraded stovetop and range can heat faster, distribute heat more evenly, and offer greater flexibility with burners and oven configurations. You may want options like induction cooktops, dual fuel ranges, double ovens, or extra-large capacity ranges. 


 Today’s microwaves offer features like convection cooking, sensors to automatically adjust cooking times, and built-in trim kits to seamlessly incorporate over-the-range microwaves into your design. Updating here can mean quicker cooking and an appliance that blends beautifully with your kitchen style.


From French door styles to integrated column models, today’s refrigerators not only look sleek but offer conveniences like through-the-door water and ice, adjustable shelving and drawers, smart connectivity, and even built-in coffee machines or blenders. Consider what features would be most helpful for your household.

Small Appliances

Don’t overlook important small appliances like high performance blenders, air fryers, slow cookers, food processors and more. Integrated small appliance garages help keep these items out of sight but within arm’s reach for frequent use.

By upgrading key cooking appliances that align with how your household uses the kitchen, you can create a beautiful, highly functional space tailored to your needs. 

Focus on the features and configurations that would help make meal prep faster, cooking more consistent, and food storage more organized. 

With smart appliance upgrades, you can look forward to cooking incredible meals for years to come in your renovated kitchen.

Refrigeration Appliances

Refrigeration Appliances

Redoing your refrigeration appliances can be one of the most impactful components of a kitchen renovation. Today’s models offer more space, better organization, quieter operation, sleek aesthetics and energy efficiency. We consider Refrigeration Appliances as essential Kitchen Renovation Appliances to upgrade while remodeling. 


French door refrigerators are popular options that allow for wide shelves and multiple compartments. Counter depth models can blend seamlessly into your cabinetry or kitchen layout. Smart refrigerators now boast cameras, touchscreens, and apps to view contents remotely. Upgrading to an ENERGY STAR certified model ensures cost and energy savings.


You may opt for an upright freezer, chest freezer, or even incorporate one into your refrigerator configuration with French door or side-by-side styles. Increased capacity means less frequent trips to the grocery store. Special features like fast freeze options or defrost modes provide added convenience.

Ice Makers

From sleek integrated models to standalone units, having an ice maker directly in the kitchen eliminates the hassle of ice trays and allows you to entertain with ease. 

Look for features like maximum ice production rates, storage capacity and overflow protection. Integrated variants specifically made for aligning within surrounding cabinetry deliver the most seamless look.

Upgrading the kitchen appliance like refrigeration is one of the most impactful components of a kitchen renovation. With energy efficiency, organization, style and convenience all drastically improved in today’s fridges, freezers and ice makers – you’ll take your renovated kitchen’s function and aesthetics to the next level.

Cleaning Appliances

Cleaning Appliances

Upgrading your cleaning appliances can make keeping your renovated kitchen sparkling easy. The latest models are designed to be more effective and efficient than ever.


Dishwashers have come a long way from the loud, water-guzzling models of the past. Modern dishwashers boast improved cleaning performance and quiet operation. Key features to look for are adjustable racks, soil sensor technology, and high efficiency filtration. Choosing an Energy Star certified model can also help save on utility bills.


Today’s refrigerators offer more interior space for storage and better temperature control to keep foods fresher for longer. Options like spill-proof glass shelving, humidity controlled drawers for produce, and built-in water filters make refrigerator upgrades worthwhile. Focus on size, configuration, and specialized storage needs for your kitchen when selecting a new model.  

Trash Compactors

While not yet commonplace, trash compactors are a great addition for small kitchens where space is at a premium. They compress the trash to take up less room, allowing the trash bin to hold more waste. This means less frequent emptying. For cleanliness, antimicrobial treated bins are ideal.

So when renovating your kitchen, be sure to evaluate your cleaning appliances. Upgrading to the latest options can transform not just the look of your kitchen, but also the ease of use during meal prep and clean up.

Handheld Vacuum

A handheld or cordless vacuum is great for quick cleanups. Choose one with strong suction power that can handle both wet and dry messes. Handheld vacuums are useful for cleaning up crumbs on countertops or quickly vacuuming small spills on the floor.


A steam cleaner opens up a world of chemical-free cleaning options. Use it to sanitize Kitchen countertops, clean the inside of your refrigerator and microwave, or refresh hard floors. Look for a model with multiple attachments to maximize its cleaning power.

Food Processor

A food processor quickly chops, dices, shreds and mixes ingredients for everything from sauces to dough. Get one with multiple blades and attachments to handle many kitchen tasks. Consider the capacity you need – mini processors are good for small jobs while full-sized models work for larger batches.

Immersion Blender

An immersion or stick blender offers unmatched versatility for pureeing soups and sauces right in the pot. Choose a powerful, easy to grip model that comes with a variety of blending cups and whisk attachments to customize its use.

Toaster Oven

A toaster oven bakes, broils, and toasts with less energy than a full-sized oven. Choose one with multiple rack positions and intuitive controls. Use it to cook small meals faster or keep food warm.

Deli Slicer

A deli slicer is great for cutting meats, cheeses, breads, veggies and more. Consider a compact sized model with stainless steel blades and a thickness dial for customized slices. Investing in this small appliance will save you countless trips to the deli counter.

Upgrading small kitchen appliances is an easy way to make your kitchen renovation much more functional. Choose versatile, durable options to get the most use out of your investments. With the right cleaning gadgets and food prep helpers, you can work smarter in your new kitchen.

Ventilation Appliances

Ventilation Appliances

Proper ventilation is essential for removing smoke, grease, odors, moisture, and excess heat from your kitchen. Upgrading your ventilation appliances can dramatically improve air quality and comfort while cooking. 

Range Hoods

Installing a new range hood over your stove is one of the best ways to improve ventilation. Range hoods use blowers to pull air through filters and vent it outside. Choose a hood with at least 400 CFM for optimal airflow. Consider a ductless model if venting outside is difficult.

Downdraft Ventilation 

Downdraft ventilation systems are built into your cooktop or range. As the name suggests, they pull air downward over the cooking surface from vents behind or beside the burners before channeling it outside. Great for island cooktops.

Ceiling Ventilators

Ceiling ventilators mount on the ceiling above your cooking area and use fans to pull in and filter air. They recirculate indoor air rather than venting it out, so work best for light cooking.

Air Purifiers

Portable air purifiers with HEPA filters can supplement other ventilation. They filter and recirculate kitchen air to capture smoke, grease, odors, and allergens. Helpful for small kitchens.

Upgrading your ventilation appliances makes cooking more comfortable while keeping your kitchen cleaner and healthier. Consider your cooking needs, kitchen layout, and venting options as you choose new models. Proper installation is also essential for optimal performance.

How to Choose Kitchen Appliances for Your Remodel

How to Choose Kitchen Appliances for Your Remodel

Upgrading your kitchen appliances can make a big difference in the look, functionality, and efficiency of your kitchen. As you plan your kitchen renovation, keep these tips in mind when selecting new appliances:

• Consider your needs. Take stock of what you use your current appliances for and how updated models could improve your experience. For example, if you cook often, prioritize the range and oven. If you entertain, focus on the refrigerator and dishwasher capacity.

• Choose energy efficient models. Look for the ENERGY STAR label when shopping for refrigerators, dishwashers, and other kitchen appliances. The energy savings will pay off over the life of the appliance.

• Decide on must-have features. Make a list of convenient and useful features that match your cooking style and would enhance your kitchen. This may include convection settings, customizable racks, wine storage, or quiet operation. 

• Measure your space. Pay close attention to the dimensions of your kitchen area for each appliance. Make sure what you select will both fit the space and leave enough room for opening doors and drawers.

• Coordinate aesthetic designs. As you choose finishes and materials for your kitchen remodel, select appliance suites or models that will complement your overall vision via color, handle hardware, etc.

• Set a budget for appliances. Allocate enough funds in your kitchen renovation budget for high-quality appliances that will last. Expect to invest 15-30% of your total budget on kitchen remodel appliances.

Following these guidelines will help you end up with the ideal kitchen appliances that check all the boxes for updated appearance.

FAQs related to kitchen remodal appliances


 What are the most essential kitchen appliances I should upgrade during a renovation?

You’ll likely get the most value by upgrading your refrigerator, oven/range, dishwasher, and microwave. These are the workhorses of the kitchen that you use daily and where newer models can really improve performance, efficiency, and features.

How much does it cost for all new kitchen appliances?

For mid-range kitchen renovation appliances, expect to spend S$3,000-5,000 to outfit a full kitchen. Going high-end with premium brands could cost S$10,000 or more. An affordable upgrade is possible too in the $1,500 range if you choose basic models.

Is it worth upgrading kitchen appliances during renovation? 

It is absolutely worth it! Since you already have construction going on, it’s the perfect time to replace old and dated appliances. Newer appliances work better, have more modern finishes to match your renovation, and can add value if you decide to sell.

Should I replace all kitchen appliances at once?

Replacing everything at once creates a cohesive look and ensures all your appliances coordinate design-wise. However, it’s a larger upfront investment. Consider spreading out purchases over a couple years if cost is a concern. Start with the essentials (refrigerator and oven) first.

How often should I replace my appliances?  

Most experts recommend replacing kitchen appliances every 10-15 years or when repairs exceed half the cost of new models. However, updating earlier to gain efficiency and features can still be worthwhile.

Should you replace the kitchen floor or appliances first?  

It’s usually better to replace old appliances first, especially builtins like the oven and dishwasher. That way your new floor and finishes won’t get damaged during future appliance replacements.  

What are the signs it’s time to replace an appliance?

Keep an eye out for frequent breakdowns, rising energy bills, parts no longer available, rust, difficult-to-remove stains, or outdated technology lacking features you want. These all indicate it’s time to upgrade your kitchen appliances.

What is the lifespan of kitchen appliances?

On average, expect around 10-15 years from most major kitchen appliances like the refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven. However, their lifespans can vary based on the quality of the brand and frequency of use. Higher end models often last over 20 years.

If you’ve discovered the perfect kitchen appliances for your renovation, you’ll also want to explore another excellent resource on kitchen flooring remodel to assist you in choosing the ideal flooring for your kitchen

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