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Kitchen and 2 Toilet Renovation Package

Our all-encompassing Kitchen and 2 Toilet Renovation Package is more than just a makeover—it’s a tailored experience crafted to enhance the heart of your kitchen and your toilet.

Embrace the perfect blend of style and practicality as we bring you a comprehensive kitchen and two toilet renovation deal that promises to redefine your daily living.

Discover the benefits of a seamless renovation journey that prioritizes your unique lifestyle needs. It’s time to turn your vision into reality with our expert team and exclusive renovation package offerings.

For whom is the Kitchen and 2 Toilet Renovation Package suitable?

Homeowners: If you own your place and want to enhance your kitchen and toilet without the stress, this package is perfect.

Busy Families: Juggling life? Our Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation package is ideal for families who want a stylish, functional home without the headache.

New Home Buyers: Just moved in? Our Kitchen and Toilet Makeover Combo is a fantastic way to personalize your new home and make it uniquely yours.

Busy Professionals: For those with a hectic schedule, our streamlined process ensures minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Style Seekers: If you’re someone with an eye for design or just eager to refresh your space, our combo remodeling package is your go-to solution in Singapore.

Process for toilet and kitchen renovation package

1)  Initial Consultation:

In-Person or Virtual Meeting: Schedule a consultation with our expert team to discuss your vision.
Space Assessment: Our team visits your home to assess the kitchen and two toilet spaces.
Detailed Requirements: Discuss your preferences, budget, and any specific design elements you desire for your kitchen 2 toilets package.

2) Design and Planning:

Concept Presentation: Receive a detailed design concept for your kitchen and two toilets.
Material Selection: Explore a curated selection of premium materials for cabinets, countertops, tiles, and fixtures.
Customization Options: Tailor the design to match your style, ensuring a personalized touch in every detail.

3) Proposal and Agreement:

Transparent Pricing: Receive a comprehensive remodeling proposal outlining the costs of materials, labor, and any additional services.
Clarification Session: Schedule a session to address any questions or concerns regarding the proposal.
Agreement Signing: Once satisfied, sign the agreement, setting the stage for the kitchen and bathroom renovation process.

4) Renovation Execution:

Project Kick-Off: Our team starts the renovation process on the agreed-upon date.
Daily Updates: Receive regular updates on the progress of the cooking area renovation.
Quality Checks: Rigorous quality checks are conducted at each stage to ensure precision and excellence in your kitchen 2 toilets package.
Timely Completion: We prioritize timely completion, minimizing disruption to your daily routine.

5) Final Walkthrough and Handover:

Client Inspection: Walk through your newly renovated kitchen and two toilets with our team.
Feedback Session: Share your feedback, and we address any final adjustments or concerns.
Completion Certificate: Receive a completion certificate, signifying the successful transformation of your spaces.

By choosing our Kitchen and 2 Toilet Renovation Package singapore, you not only invest in a stunning home upgrade but also enjoy a transparent, detailed, and customer-centric process. 

Package Inclusions for Kitchen toilet Renovation:

For Kitchen renovation

Cabinet Overhaul:

New custom-built cabinets with precise dimensions
Soft-close hinges for enhanced durability and convenience
Pull-out shelves and organizers for efficient storage

Countertop Upgrade:

High-quality granite or quartz countertops
Undermount sink installation for a seamless look
Backsplash tiles with modern design elements

Appliance Installation:

Modern cooktop installation with four burners
Energy-efficient oven with precise temperature control
Dishwasher integration for hassle-free cleanup

Lighting Enhancement:

Recessed LED lighting for a bright and inviting atmosphere
Pendant lights over the kitchen island
Under-cabinet lighting for improved task visibility

Flooring Transformation:

Durable and easy-to-clean ceramic or porcelain tiles
Installation of a comfortable and slip-resistant floor mat

Functional Hardware:

Pull-out trash and recycling bins for easy waste disposal
Lazy Susan corner cabinet for optimal space utilization
Smart storage solutions like pull-out spice racks and utensil trays

Upgraded Faucet and Fixtures:

High-arc pull-down faucet for added convenience
Coordinating cabinet hardware for a cohesive look
Water-efficient and stylish fixtures for the sink and dishwasher

Electrical and Plumbing Enhancements:

Additional power outlets strategically placed for appliances
Upgraded plumbing connections for the sink and dishwasher
Installation of USB charging ports in key kitchen areas

Ventilation System:

Over-the-range hood for effective ventilation
Proper ductwork and venting for optimal performance

For Toilet renovation

Toilet Fixture Upgrade:

Installation of a modern, water-efficient toilet bowl
Stylish toilet seat with soft-close feature for added convenience
Coordinated flush handle and accessories for a cohesive look
Upgraded bathroom lighting fixtures for improved visibility and ambiance

Vanity Overhaul:

Custom-built vanity cabinet with precise dimensions
Elegant countertop with integrated sink
Upgraded faucet and fixtures
Introduction of bathroom-friendly storage solutions for enhanced organization

Shower or Bathtub Enhancement:

Installation of a new bathtub or shower unit
Showerhead with adjustable settings for a personalized experience
Coordinated fixtures and accessories for a unified design

Floor and Wall Tiles:

Durable and water-resistant floor tiles
Wall tiles with a modern design
Grout and sealant application for a polished finish
Application of non-slip coatings for increased bathroom safety

Lighting and Ventilation:

Bright and energy-efficient overhead lighting
Installation of an effective ventilation fan
Placement of a vanity mirror with integrated lighting

Storage and Organization Solutions:

Wall-mounted or recessed storage cabinets
Towel hooks and bars for convenient storage and drying
Built-in shelves or niches for toiletries

Safety Features:

Installation of grab bars for added safety
Slip-resistant floor tiles or mats for enhanced safety
Childproof toilet seat locks for families with young children
Upgrading electrical outlets to meet bathroom safety standards

Electrical and Plumbing Updates:

Replacement or upgrade of plumbing fixtures
Additional power outlets strategically placed for grooming appliances
Proper sealing and waterproofing for electrical safety
Introduction of energy-efficient and water-saving bathroom appliances

General inclusions

Paint and Finishing Touches:

Premium quality paint for walls and cabinets
Crown molding and trim installation for a polished look

Detailed Labour Inclusions:

Skilled craftsmen for precise fixture and accessory installations
Licensed plumbers for all plumbing-related tasks
Certified electricians for safe and efficient wiring
Dedicated renovation project manager for seamless coordination
Regular on-site supervision to ensure quality control

Post-Installation Cleanup:

Thorough cleanup of the toilet & kitchen space post-installation
Disposal of construction debris in an environmentally friendly manner

Warranty and Support:

Industry-standard warranty on materials and workmanship
Ongoing customer support for any post-installation queries or issues

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What is the cost of your kitchen toilet renovation package?

In general, our renovation package’s price starts at $14,999. However, the final cost may vary depending on specific features, materials, and customization options chosen to tailor the package to your unique preferences and needs.

What factors contribute to the overall cost of the package?

The overall cost is influenced by several factors, including the size of the space, the materials chosen, and the complexity of the design.  During the initial consultation, we provide a detailed proposal outlining the specific costs associated with your renovation project, ensuring transparency and clarity.

How long does the kitchen toilet renovation process take?

The timeline for the renovation process varies based on the scope of the project, including the size and complexity of your kitchen and 2 bathrooms. In Singapore, the time frame typically spans 4-5 weeks, with variations depending on the level of customization you choose. However, we’ll discuss your needs and give you a more accurate timeframe.

Do you offer financing options for the kitchen 2 toilet renovation package?

While we don’t directly provide financing or loans, we can discuss budget considerations during the initial consultation. We may be able to recommend financing options or work within your budget to create a renovation plan that suits your financial needs.

Can I customize the design according to my preferences?

Absolutely! Our design and planning phase includes a concept presentation where you can provide input on your preferences. We offer customization options for materials, colors, and layouts to ensure the final result aligns with your unique style.

How does investing in the Kitchen and 2 Toilet Renovation Package impact the resale value of my home in Singapore?

Renovating your kitchen and toilets with our resale kitchen and toilet renovation package can significantly enhance the resale value of your home. Potential buyers are often attracted to modern, well-designed kitchen and 2 bathrooms. For those specifically looking for a resale kitchen and toilet renovation package in Singapore, our services cater to these market demands, providing a valuable return on investment.

Are there any hidden costs in the proposal?

No, we believe in transparent pricing. The proposal outlines all costs, including materials, labor, and additional services. We encourage clients to schedule a clarification session to address any questions or concerns before signing the agreement.

What brands and models are used for appliances and fixtures?

We use reputable brands known for quality and reliability. During the design phase, we provide you with options for appliances and fixtures, specifying the brand and model details. You have the flexibility to choose based on your preferences and budget.

How do I get started with the Kitchen and Toilet Renovation?

To start your renovation journey, simply contact us for an initial consultation. Our team will assess your space, discuss your vision, and provide you with a detailed proposal. Once you’re satisfied, we’ll proceed with the agreement and kick off the exciting transformation of your kitchen and toilets.

If you have any additional questions or specific inquiries, feel free to reach out to our team. We’re here to guide you through the entire process and make your journey a seamless and enjoyable experience.

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